Always On: Permissions

Configuring Always-On is easy as long as you have the required permissions. I have tumbled into the trap of permissions and have seen many others fell in too. The set of permissions you require for configuring Failover Cluster (If you are doing that too): Your account should be domain account (it will be user domain […]

Always Encrypted

Majority of my current projects are clients of Insurance industry, and similar to any sector which handles and stores personal data they also follow stringent security policies. Audits are regular thing in any organization and in one of the internal audits it was decided to hide the confidential data like Social Security Number from everyone […]

Making named instance act as default

We have a single host machine (lets call it OsSQLServer) for a client working as test environment for different applications and for that they have installed multiple SQL Server instances onto it. Everything was working fine and then they had to use the OsSQLServer for another application which was a Java application and had the […]


Today I got a request to resolve the slow performance of a SQL Server. As per the application team the performance was drastically down for the .Net application which was running smoothly one week back but now everything they were running was way too slow. On inquiring more about any changes that they might have […]

Visualizing ARM Templates

I have recently started using Visual Studio Code, before that I was using Notepad++ to write any code and ever since I can see why many programmers love it so much. Its light weight, and it has dark theme :). Among the many features provided it also has the option to add extensions. All the […]

DMA: Assessing databases

As a DBA we always get the requests to upgrade or migrate the databases, either from older version to newer version of SQL Server and now when organizations has started considering Azure, the migration could also be from On-Prem SQL Server to Azure SQL Database. Migration/up-gradation has always been much easier than finding out what […]