Starting the blogging journey

It’s been 8 years and 172 days since I started my journey in the field of IT. Started as a developer + admin for a very small organization and then transitioned into core SQL Server DBA and now working as Azure and SQL Admin.

Ever since the beginning of my carrier I understood one thing, that I love to read and learn. And man, it was very strange for me as I never had liking towards my academic books :). Now when I think about it maybe that was because there was no practical implementation of what I had to cram in.

I love to read but also don’t have a good reading speed. It took me one whole month to complete Alchemist, 192 pages in 30 days, man I was slow and still am. I am trying to increase my reading speed based on this Medium article, I have improved a bit but still a long way to go.

I am a very slow reader but I am a very avid listener, I can listen and comprehend audios at 2x speed, sometimes even more. Thanks to this, StoryTel application and Read Aloud chrome extension I have become a fast reader (listener). And in today’s date I am finally able to read and learn what all I always wanted to.

Now the reason of this blog. I love to read, practice and make notes. Notes of what I learn and what I come across in my job daily. It helps me to go through the use cases, issues and how-to’s whenever I am not able to remember them. It has not just helped me but also my colleagues and friends. I think it might be of some help to others too.

My core skill is SQL Server Administration but have been working extensively on Azure since last 2+ years, and also on SSIS, SSRS, PowerBI, PowerShell and many more things here and there. So the majority of blogs will be on SQL Server + Azure and the rest will be a mix.

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