Visualizing ARM Templates

I have recently started using Visual Studio Code, before that I was using Notepad++ to write any code and ever since I can see why many programmers love it so much. Its light weight, and it has dark theme :).

VS Code example

Among the many features provided it also has the option to add extensions. All the extension available for Visual Studio are also available for VS Code. Out of many extensions available in the marketplace is ARM Template Viewer which we are going to use for this blog.

Reading ARM Templates and/or understanding a new environment on which we have just got the access could be intimidating, if the environment has several resources with interconnections then understanding it can be even more time consuming.

ARM Template Viewer can be life saver in such cases, to install it open VS Code -> Goto Extensions -> Search ARM Template

ARM Template Viewer extnesion

Once it is installed open any ARM Template and to see its visual diagram press Ctrl + Shift + P and choose ARM Template Viewer and problem solved.


By default the diagram is in tree structure and location of the icons can be bit misplaced but after a quick rearrangement of all the icons you can understand your ARM Template in under 5 minutes. The ARM Template that I am using have 1500+ lines.

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