What & How of SQL Server

I always love to geek out in everything I do, If I read or learn something new I always try to learn it’s internals for better understanding of the topic.

This has its own pros and cons, pros being if you know the internals of something then you will have better understanding of the topic in hand and also in case of troubleshooting issues you might be able to figure out the issue faster as you already know what all can break. Con is I have limited time to understand and implement, as sometime it becomes hard to focus on the topic. 🙂

This blog will be the anchor point of all the What & How blogs in SQL Server. As I have spent most of the time in SQL Server I think I know a bit more than usual because of my learning and working style.

Blogging everything so as someone else don’t have tospend the same time I did and also when learning about SQL Server, I believe knowing the internals give us the upper hand in understanding the concepts.

I hope it helps.

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