I am not able concentrate on anything for quite sometime, the fear and restlessness is gripping me over as the count of patients are increasing. I am pretty much sure that its not just me but many who are feeling the pressure. To deviate my thoughts from this I have decided to do the things […]

Using Azure Blueprints for automate provisioning

When provisioning multiple resources and multiple environments for any client you can leverage Azure Blueprints. Blueprints are a declarative way to orchestrate the deployment of various resource Azure artifacts such as: Role Assignments Policy Assignments Azure Resource Manager templates Resource Groups What it means is that by using Blueprints you can provision the resources or […]

Query Store without SQL Server 2016

Query Store is a relatively new feature provided by Microsoft which can help a lot in troubleshooting query related issues and also to monitor the performance of queries over a period of time. But the thing it is SQL Server 2016 onward feature and there isn’t anything from MS for prior versions. We all have […]

Checking required permissions

The most common requests to have is to provide permission to something on SQL Server, either to a linked server, any server object or database object or something specific to a database. It is almost impossible to know all the required permissions possible which let the user do their task with minimum permission . In […]

Creating scripts for repetitive tasks

One of the most mundane task to do is providing permission to a user on multiple stored procedures in a database. There is not much you can do, either provide ddladmin permission onto the database (it provides much more permission than required) or manually provide permission to each SP using Grant Execute or using GUI. […]

Application Roles, yes they are being used

How many times have you provided someone permission and has just overlooked Application Roles. Rest aside the developers but even many DBAs have never used it. I was also one of those who has never seen anyone using Application Role. Sometime back I got the request to change the password for an Application role in […]