Creating scripts for repetitive tasks

One of the most mundane task to do is providing permission to a user on multiple stored procedures in a database. There is not much you can do, either provide ddladmin permission onto the database (it provides much more permission than required) or manually provide permission to each SP using Grant Execute or using GUI.

Permission window

In such cases where you need to run the same script on multiple objects, you can use the Select and concatenate to create your script. In this case I’ll write a query like below. Github link.

#Use below to Grant execute permission to all the stored procedure to user test

#This is basicall know-how to use SELECT with concatenation to generate scripts

SELECT, * , 'GRANT EXECUTE ON ' + + '.' + + ' TO test' 
FROM sys.objects ob
JOIN sys.schemas sc
ON ob.schema_id = sc.schema_id

Similarly you can create scripts for repetitive tasks.

I hope it helps.

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