Sharing PowerBI Dashboard for free!

I have created repository from a DBA perspective, which includes all the information, and also SSRS reports onto it.

The SSRS reports are easy to deploy and share with the other teams as it comes free with Enterprise Edition of SQL Server.

I was also working on a PowerBI dashboard to have growth and trendline for different aspects of SQL Server administration.

There is no benefit of creating a PowerBI dashboard if you cannot share it, I had to share the reports with the management but sharing .bix file was not possible.

The easiest way to do that is first publish your report to PowerBI account, even free will work fine.

Publishing PowerBI report

Once published, you need to select the Publish to web option.

Publish to Web

Once you click on it you will get two options, to share the link and second a html frame that you can copy and paste inside your HTML to embed the PowerBI report.

Embed Code

Just share the link and anyone can open that link in any browser and the PowerBI dashboard will be visible to them.

Do remember that the dashboard is made publicly available so can be seen by anyone.

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