Provisioning Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Traffic manager is one of many awesome features available in Azure to better load your data.

First thing is what is Azure Traffic Manager?

Azure Traffic Manager is a DNS-based traffic load balancer that one can use to distribute traffic optimally to services across Azure regions globally.

That is, when boarding the flight the first step is to show your ticket to Flight Steward standing at the entry gate, and they show you the way to your seat. Now whenever you need to be away from your seat you know where you have sit and no longer need to back to the stewart.

The Azure Traffic Manager (TM) is similar to Flight Steward in the sense that they show you the way, with the difference that you don’t show the ticket with the actual seat number but just the class and they will show you the seat which is not already taken.

Traffic Manager has a global DNS name associated with it, when you connect to try connecting to the backend application using the Traffic Manager DNS, it will direct your connection to the appropriate endpoint. Now when you need to revisit the application you don’t need to go through the Traffic Manager but straight to your endpoint application.

Provisioning Traffic Manager

Creating TM

Once you have got the TM created we need to add the endpoints.

Adding endpoint

Similar to above we are required to add the Endpoint for each application VM.

There is nothing like one to one relation of end Application and Traffic Manager, what it mean is that you can have multiple Traffic Managers pointing to the same set of application but with different set of routing methods.

TM performance
The TM created on the same set VM PIP as below
TM priority
The TM created on same set of VMs, but with different Routing method

Now you just need to provide the different TM DNS name to different users based upon how you want them to have their traffic diverted too.

When they will call the TM DNS they will be directed to the appropriate Application based upon the rule set.

I hope it helps you!

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