Error Opening Integration Services Catalog

Currently I provide support as a DBA to around 150 developers, some SQL and Cube developers and majority chunk working on SSIS ETL.

When you are providing support to many with different level of experience you ought to see some unique errors and requests.

Today I got a ping from one of the developers sharing the below error.

I went ahead and checked the server and could see the SSISDB database already created and also the option to “Create Catalog” was disabled.

As the error suggested it was not able to find the “SSISDB.catalog.catalog_properties” object. On checking the database found out that it was empty.

On inquiring about this with the developer got to know that he had manually created the SSISDB database as it was required for his packages to run.

We need to remember that SSISDB is not a normal database, as it is populated and maintained by SQL Server only, and most importantly used to managed the packages deployed.

Whenever we create SSISDB database using “Create Catalog” option in Integration services catalog it also creates multiple tables, views and stored procedure to facilitate IS.

Always create the SSISDB from the Integration Services Catalog only, and here once I deleted the empty database and recreated it the way it should be it fixed all the errors.

I hope it helps!

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