Power BI dashboard from a Web Source

In one of my project, there is an intranet page which is maintained by the Server Team, they have the details like Server Name, purpose, decommission planned date, location, OS and many more columns.

As this list is updated continuously every day or week, there is always something changing, and when one has to look into all the servers from a specific location or something related to some application it is always a manual and copy paste work.

Yesterday I finally had some time and decided to overcome this issue once and for all and decided to create a PowerBI dashboard for the same.

I cannot show the dashboard as it contains confidential data, but as this intranet page was a single table and I had used this table into the dashboard I am gonna show how to import the data from a webpage.

For this example I’ll be importing the data from here.

Once you know how to import data from web into your Power BI the possibilities are endless.

You can see all the steps below, to summarize the steps are as below:

  1. In Power BI Desktop go to Get Data.
  2. Select Web.
  3. Enter the URL of the page.
  4. Once it analyze the data, select the required tables and click OK.
Adding Web data source in Power BI

Once you have the data in the Power BI you can do whatever you wish..

This has helped me multiple times in creating a summarized dashboard for my own use, I hope it helps you too.

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