Azure Policy Compliance

In the previous post (Creating Azure Policy) I shared the details of how to create a custom policy, in this blog we’ll see the benefits of having a policy.

The “effect” post checking the policy condition range from denying the deployment of the resource to auditing the non-compliance into the logs.

Once you have all the policies required by your organization, there might be some resources which are non compliant, to check and monitor the non-compliant resources first remember to create a policy with effect set to “Audit“.

To check the non-compliant resources go to Policy, the overview section provides the information about all the policies and the compliance status.

Policy overview

To know more about the compliance as per the policy and to drill down more into it click on “Compliance”.

Policy compliance
compliance drilldown.

By knowing the compliance and drilling down to the resource we can even make the required changes for the non-compliant resource from there itself.

This auto implementation is not available for every non-compliance but for the one it is, it will help to drastically improve the manageability and fix for non-compliant resources.

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