Configuring Azure Active Directory B2C

Azure Active Directory is an Active Directory and much much more, one thing that I came to know and loved is B2C (Business to Consumer) identity as a service.

What it provides is authentication to your application by using either Azure Active Directory or any social provider like Facebook, Google. Twitter and more.

To help you understand it better , when you login into Spotify you are given the option to login which is like below:

B2C example

When logging in you have the option to login using email, Facebook, Apple or with phone number. Similarly if using Azure AD B2C you can leverage the identity providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, GitHub, Google, LinkedIn, QQ, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo and any other identity provider which uses OAuth 2.0 as the authentication protocol.

Steps to create AD B2C

You should be the contributor at the subscription level to be able to create the B2C. And also the Azure Active Directory Resource provider should be registered for the subscription.

Go to your AD and select “+ Create a tenant”.

AD B2C is created as another but linked with the root tenant.

Creating a New B2C tenant

Once in you will be given the option to either choose a normal Azure Active Directory or Azure Active Directory (B2C), choose B2C.

Choosing B2C

In the configuration page you need to provide the Organization Name, domain (it is going to be a different domain than your main tenant) and it also need a resource group.

Configuration options fro your B2C

Review your settings on the next page and click Create, it generally takes around 5 minutes.

Once the Azure AD B2C is created go to your resource and select the settings for it which will open another browser tab.

End result of B2C

And you will be directed to the Azure AD B2C configuration page, in the next blog we’ll see how to register an Application.

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