Registering Web App with Azure AD B2C

In the last blog we saw how to provision the AD B2C for your AD tenant, in this one we’ll go through the Registration of a Web Application to leverage the AD B2C feature.

To start with I have created a Web App in Free tier, we don’t need it to test the User Flows (it’s what defines the user experience for signing in and signing up into the application).

To let the application use B2C you need to register them inside Azure AD B2C. For doing this go to your B2C resource and click on “App Registration” which is under Manage section and choose “+New registration”

App Registration in AD B2C

When registering new application the things to consider are:

  1. When choosing the “Supported Account Types” choose the one depending upon your target audience, if it is internal select “Accounts in this organizational directory only”, if you have multi-tenant application (like for DevOps scenarios) select “Accounts in any organizational directory” and if the audience is your customers select “Accounts in any organization directory or any identity provider”.
  2. Post doing the authentication B2C generates a token which is typically sent to the publicly accessible endpoint where your app is running. We need also to provide the URI for this endpoint.

For my case I’ll choose “Account in any organizational directory or any identity provider” and as the Redirect URI (It’s Microsoft owned web app that displays the decoded contents of the token, used for testing purpose).

Registering an Application

Once you click on Register you will be able to see your application in the registered applications for your AD B2C.

In the next blog we’ll look into the different options available for a Registered Application.

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