Encrypted Backups

For one of our client we were asked to provide the backups to a different team which was completely disconnected from the client network. We had to provide a copy of the backup file by putting the backup files in some ftp location. When doing such we need to make sure the security of the […]

TDE: Transparent Data Encryption

TDE is encryption of the database, by using which we can encrypt the database at rest. The ‘rest’ here means that the data files, log files and the backup files are encrypted at the storage level. When SQL Server requires to read this data it gets decrypted and stored in the memory and so once […]

Always Encrypted

Majority of my current projects are clients of Insurance industry, and similar to any sector which handles and stores personal data they also follow stringent security policies. Audits are regular thing in any organization and in one of the internal audits it was decided to hide the confidential data like Social Security Number from everyone […]