Fundamentals of Query Tuning

Brent Ozar made his paid online tutorial free for the month of March. As awesome as he himself is same are his tutorials, pretty awesome. Learned so much in those ~4 hours which helped me better design my troubleshooting methodology for the query. There were way too many things to learn but I loved decoder […]

Doug Lane’s 11-Part T-SQL Level-Up 

The best practices for writing T-SQL Cursor: It works in the logic of For each row in the table, do this with col1, do this with col2, do this with col3 Instead of this we need: for the table do…. Number table (table having only numbers) Joining a simple number table with a table will […]

Indexing Fundamentals: Indexing for Joins

Follow the below guidelines as a reference for creating Indexes for queries having JOINs. Single JOIN Generally the smaller table is hit first when there is no WHERE Clause Single JOIN with WHERE When comibing JOIN with WHERE  think of JOIN like a Where only. Better to break the join and WHERE and improve the […]